Course Overview

The Alimiyyah programme is a four-year course formulated in accordance with the Dars Nizami system, on par with Dar al-Ulooms across the UK. It is open to both male and female students, both onsite and online.

Studying classical Islamic sciences with rigour requires strong foundations in Arabic. This led to the design of our curriculum having a greater emphasis on Arabic in the foundation years. As a result, the study of Fiqh and Hadith commences later in our course in comparison with other institutes.

We currently do not offer a full Alimiyyah course, however, after completing the course students can continue their studies elsewhere.


Much of our curriculum in the first three years are exclusive Al-Qalam publications. Please find explanations and examples of our texts on our Resources page.

Year 1

First Steps To Understanding Arabic

First Steps To Understanding Sarf (Morphology)

First Steps To Understanding Verb Conjugation

Qisas an-Nabiyyeen (Arabic Literature)

Easy Arabic Course (Madinah Course)

Year 2

First Steps To Understanding Arabic (cont'd)

As-Sugra (Syntax)

Al-Wusta (Syntax)

Tasreef al-Izzi (Morphology)

Qisas an-Nabiyyeen (Arabic Literature)

Al-Muntakhabaat (Arabic Literature)

First Steps To Understanding Mantiq (Logic)

Year 3

Quran Translation

al-Qudoori (Fiqh - Islamic Jurisprudence, Hanafi text taught along with explanation of other schools)

First Steps To Understanding The Language of the Quran (Balagah - Rhetoric)

Seerah (Biography of the Prophet ﷺ)

Al-Muntakhabaat (Arabic Literature)

Al-Kubra (Syntax)

Year 4

Tafseer: al-Jalalayn is used as the primary text with references and selective readings of other Tafasir.

Mishkaat al-Masabeeh

al-Hidayah (Fiqh - Islamic Jurisprudence, Hanafi text taught along with explanation of other schools)

al-Muntakhabaat (Arabic Literature)

Nukhbatul-Fikar (Principles of Hadith)

Principles of Fiqh

Principles of Tafsir

Sciences of the Quran


Classes run in the morning, Monday to Friday, 9:10am - 12:30 pm.

The academic year runs in line with the UK (Leicester) school calendar, beginning in the last week of August until July. Holidays are every six weeks for mid-term, winter, Easter and summer. There are no classes in Ramadhan.

The new academic year begins on Tuesday 31st August, 2021.


The fees for this course are £1000 a year.

£150 is due upon admission and the remainder is payable over 10 instalments of £85.

Important Note

The Alimiyyah programme is an intensive course that requires dedication and commitment. The Institute aims to maintain the highest standards with all students enrolled on this programme. Study outside of scheduled class time, for reviewing and preparing lessons, is expected, as is punctual attendance.

Regular assessments also form a key part of learning. Revision periods are scheduled prior to testing which takes places at the end of each unit. Examinations provide valuable opportunity to solidify understanding and are therefore a requirement for each student.

For a less demanding course of study, please consider our Arabic Intensive & Higher Islamic Education.