Our four year Islamic Scholarship programme, as well as an Arabic Intensive & Higher Islamic Course are fully accessible online.

Live classroom-based learning is conducted seamlessly in conjunction with our online students, providing an opportunity for blending e-learning with traditional education.

All online students are welcome to attend in person by prior arrangement to allow for custom combinations of online and onsite provision where suitable.


General requirements for an effective online learning experience include access to a:

  • stable internet connection

  • printer

  • desktop computer, laptop or tablet

Although our classes can be accessed on any device, a large screen would be optimal.


Classes are recorded to provide a supplement, rather than a replacement, to live attendance. All recordings are available to students for revision purposes, or in case of absence.

We currently do not provide an option for learning at your own pace without live instruction and students are required to attend within our scheduled hours whenever possible.

As online students are taught alongside our onsite students, everyone is encouraged to engage, question and participate - remotely or in person. We rely upon interactive instruction.

Daily naseehah sessions, essential for all students to support the acquiring of sacred knowledge, are not recorded.


Regular testing is a primary tool for consolidation of material and gauging students' understanding. This applies equally, if not more so, for online learning. After the completion of a unit within each subject there is a revision period prior to testing.

Oral examinations are conducted on zoom. Written exams are emailed as PDFs which must be completed and returned electronically.

If you have any other queries please feel free to contact us.