This is an in-house textbook and is not available in shops.

A PDF will be shared with the students. Students attending onsite can purchase a printed copy.


Students should be able to:

  • Read the text without diacritics.

  • Translate and explain the text.

  • Grammatically analyse the text.

  • Construct Arabic sentences using vocabulary from the studied text.

Teaching Methodology

Students will attempt to solve and analyse the text under the supervision of the teacher.

The teacher will explain and clarify any necessary points.

Students will be expected to apply their knowledge of grammar rules within the set text.


Online Arabic - English dictionaries are available here.

Hans Wehr is the simplest and most basic dictionary.

For more detail, the Lanes lexicon is a beneficial resource.

Past Papers

Year 1

al-Muntakhabaat YR 1 Term 3 Mock Exam (2022 Full Time)

Year 2

al-Muntakhabaat YR 2 Term 1 (2019 Full Time)

al-Muntakhabaat YR 2 Term 2 (2022 Part-Time)

Year 3

al-Muntakhabaat YR 3 Term 1 SIS (2021 Full-Time)

al-Muntakhabaat YR 3 Term 2 (2021 Part-Time)

Year 4

al-Muntakhabaat YR 4 Term 1 (2022 Part-Time)

al-Muntakhabaat YR 4 Term 2 (2022 Part-Time)