Qisas an-Nabiyyeen

Qisas an-Nabiyyeen


  • Read the text fluently.

  • Translate the text.

  • Recall new vocabulary.

  • Explain the grammatical structure of complex sentences.

  • To translate sentences from English to Arabic using vocabulary and structures from the textbook. (exercises will be given by the teacher)

Teaching Methodology

Students solve and analyse the text under the supervision of the teacher. They will be expected to apply their knowledge of grammar rules within the text.



Recordings of the previous year’s lessons are available here.


PowerPoints used by the teacher and in the videos can be downloaded from the Dropbox folder.

Past Papers

Story 1: Sayyiduna Ibrahim AS

Qisas Story 1 2020

Qisas Story 1 2021 (YR 2 SIS Part-Time)

Qisas Story 1 2021 (YR 1 BRO Full-Time)

Qisas Story 1 2021 (YR 1 SIS Full-Time)

Qisas Story 1 2022

Qisas Story 1 2022 (YR 2 Part Time)

Story of Sayyiduna Musa AS (A)

Story of Sayyiduna Musa AS (B)

Course Content

Unit 1

Story 1: Ibrahim (A.S)

Story 2: Yususf (A.S)

Unit 2

Story 3: Nooh (A.S)

Story 4: Aad

Story 5: Thamud

Unit 3

Story 6: Musa (A.S)

Part A

Part B

Unit 4

Story 7: Shuaib (A.S)

Story 8: Dawood and Sulaiman (A.S)

Story 9: Ayyub (A.S)

Story 10: Zakariyya (A.S)

Story 11: Isa (A.S)