Al-Wusta fi an-Nahw

As-Sugra fi an-Nahw


To be able to:

  • Read, translate and explain the text.

  • Summarise each section and recall all the main concepts within the book.

Teaching Methodology

Students will attempt to solve and analyse the text, under the supervision of the teacher.

Thereafter, the teacher will provide any necessary explanation and clarification.

Coursework and Exam




Course Content

Unit 0: Introduction

Unit 1: العامل

al-Baab 1: الفعل

al-Baab 2: الحرف

al-Fasl 1: الحرف العامل

al-Fasl 1: الحرف غير العامل

al-Baab 3: الاسم

Unit 2: المعمول

al-Baab 1: الاسم

al-Baab 2: الفعل

al-Baab 3: الجملة

al-Baab 4: شبه الجملة

Unit 3: الإعراب

Unit 4: الخاتمة