First Steps to Understanding Arabic (FSTUA)


  • To understand and apply all the rules mentioned in the book.

  • To be able to understand and translate the sentences in the exercises.

  • To be able to do tarkib of the sentences.

  • To learn the vocabulary.

Teaching Methodology

The teacher will explain new rules and concepts during the lesson. These will then be reinforced by applying them through written and oral exercises.

Students will be required to write out one sentence from each exercise and submit it to the teacher.



Recordings of the previous year’s lessons are available here.

Before the course starts, students can watch this brief series for a head start. This will insha’Allah prove beneficial, but not necessary.


PowerPoints used by the teacher and in the videos can be downloaded from the Dropbox folder.

Past Papers

Unit 1

FSTU Arabic Unit 1 2020

FSTU Arabic Unit 1 2022

Unit 2

FSTU Arabic Unit 2 2020

FSTU Arabic Unit 2 2022 (Full-Time)

FSTU Arabic Unit 2 2022 (Part-Time)