An entry level book for beginners.

First Steps to Understanding Balagah

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  • Balagah is one of the important subjects needed to fully appreciate the Quran. This is why it is taught in most of the madaris.

    When I first started teaching this subject in madrasah over 10 years ago, دروس البلاغة was used as the text. However, most of the examples used in this book are poems. Unfortunately, most students were not able to properly understand them; and those students who did understand them were not captured in seeing the Balagah in the poetry. To them it seemed as Balagah was a separate subject with no link to Quran and Hadith. To fill this void, I, with the Help of Allah, compiled a small book in Arabic which I named البلاغة القرآنية. This was basically the text of دروس البلاغة in which all the examples were replaced with examples from the Quran.

    However, after teaching this book to beginners for a few years, I found that even though the students would enjoy the science, at times it was a bit too complex to grasp. I felt there was still a need for an easier simpler book which could serve as a very basic introduction to this subject. Hence, I compiled this booklet. It does not go into much detail as its sole purpose is to introduce the subject and give the reader a brief overview of the main topics discussed. For a proper understanding of Balagah, another book needs to be taught after this book.

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