Samples of some textbooks produced by Al-Qalam Publications and taught in our syllabus are available to view below.

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First Steps to Understanding Arabic

A novel and comprehensive introduction to Nahw, in English. Presented in an easy to understand and concise format to make acquiring of Arabic straightforward.

Rules are simplified and explained clearly with illustrated examples and ample exercises to consolidate understanding.

Sample pages can be viewed here.

Videos of much of the material from this text can be viewed here.

First Steps to Understanding Arabic Abridged

An abridged version of First Steps to Understanding Arabic.

Consists of core concepts only for a quick overview of the Arabic language.


View sample pages here.

الصغری في النحو

A brief Arabic introduction to the basic concepts of Nahw, based on the Awamil of al-Jurjani and al-Birkwi, and others.

Structured with clear headings and the use of colour for ease of navigation. Self-explanatory tables at the end of the book to make key concepts accessible.

The entire book is available for viewing here.

A video series on this text is on our YouTube channel here.

الوسطی في النحو

An expansion of الصغری which covers further details of Nahw. An intermediate level text, formulated as a synthesis of well-renowned classical Nahw texts as explained in our introductory video to the series here.

Structured in parallel with the user-friendly style of الصغری with additional footnotes detailing the irab of all the examples.

This textbook is currently undergoing development. A few sample pages are available for viewing here.

al-Kubra Fil Awamil.pdf

الكبری في النحو

A detailed Arabic textbook and expansion on الصغری and الوسطی which discusses the rules of Nahw. A blend of all the concepts studied in books such as هداية النحو and قطر الندی with a unique focus on Quranic examples to reinforce learning.

Presented in the same accessible style as الصغری and الوسطی.

This textbook is currently undergoing development. A few sample pages are available for viewing.

First Steps To Understanding Sarf

Conjugations of each type of verb with diacritics, with colour coded tables to help identify patterns and irregularities.

Ample exercises to solidify understanding and develop accuracy in translating along with Quranic verbs for additional practice.

Simple and concise explanations on constructing irregular verbs.

View sample pages here.

Muntakhabaat sample pages.pdf


A collection of Arab proverbs and stories along with sayings of the Salaf and accounts of their lives.

The study of Nahw and Sarf is implemented in translation and analysis of this text. Organised with incrementing levels of difficulty and length to progress through as proficiency develops.

A few sample pages of varying levels are available for viewing.

Zaad as-Salihin.pdf

زاد الصالحين

A comprehensive compilation of ahadith collected under useful titles.

Used not only as an introduction to Arabic texts but also to develop a zeal for perfecting character.

Parts of the first section of this book have been covered in our Zad as-Saliheen playlist, available on our YouTube channel.