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Questions and Queries

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Course Map

There are three primary subjects that form the basis in learning Arabic: Nahw (Syntax), Sarf (Morphology), and Literature. Following on from this would be a study of 'Irab, Balagah and Tafseer. Some of our series on these subjects are provided below.

Nahw: English Primers

First Steps To Understanding Nahw

This is a brief introduction to the structure of the Arabic language.

First Steps To Understanding Arabic

This is an elaboration of the first series. It covers similar concepts in further detail.

Nahw: Arabic Primers

الصغری في النحو

A brief Arabic introduction to the basic concepts of Nahw, based on the Awamil of al-Jurjani and al-Birkwi, and others.

Structured with clear headings and the use of colour for ease of navigation. Self-explanatory tables at the end of the book to make key concepts accessible.

A user-friendly organisation of the topics with the relevant slides to accompany each lesson can be found here.

Awamil al-Birkwi

A short booklet which covers the basics of the Arabic Language.

This can be studied after completing First Steps To Arabic.

All the information in this book is covered in As-Sugra fi an-Nahw.

Nuktatul Irab

This is a useful supplementary booklet which introduces the basics of Irab.

Most of the information in this book is covered in Al-Wusta fi an-Nahw.

Nahw: Intermediate Books

Studying either of the following textbooks is sufficient to complete an understanding of Nahw to a reasonable level.

Hidayatun Nahw

A popular book on Nahw used in the Dars Nizami of sub-continental madaris. A user-friendly organisation of the topics with the relevant slides to accompany each lesson can be found here. This series is complete.

Qatrun Nada

A classical text on Nahw which covers all the essentials of the science in a concise manner.

This series covers approximately half the book. (It will not be completed)

Sarf: English Primer

First Steps To Understanding Sarf

This is a brief introduction to the science of Sarf (Morphology).

This should be studied alongside First Steps To Understanding Nahw.

Sarf: ؓBeginner Arabic Text

Bina al-Afaal (بناء الأفعال)

A beginner text book that discusses the different Abwab (patterns) of verbs. This should be studied after First Steps to Understanding Sarf.

Sarf: Intermediate Arabic Text

Tasreef al-Izzi (تصريف العزي)

A more in depth study of Sarf. This can be studied immediately after First Steps to Understanding Sarf or after Bina al-Afaal


Qisas an-Nabiyyeen 1

Stories of the Prophets by Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali an-Nadwi.

Irab (Grammatical Analysis)

After a foundational study of Nahw, the following videos can be used to further develop understanding.

Tarkib and Irab

An explanation of both classical irab and sub-continental tarkib.

Irab al-Quran

Building on the Tarkib and Irab course, this series covers a practical application of the methodology to Quranic verses.

Balagah (Rhetoric)

After gaining an understanding of Nahw and Sarf, and its implementation through Arabic literature, students may choose to progress with a study of Balagah.

First Steps to Understanding Balagah

An introduction to Balagha. Our publication of this text is available to purchase here.

Duroosul Balagah

Easy navigation of this series, along with links to a PDF of the text and other related resources on the subject is available here.

Usool Hadeeth

al-Bayqooniyyah (البيقونية)

A brief explanation of the widely renowned text on Usool al-Hadith, البيقونية.

Tafseer and Usool Tafseer

Basic principles of tafseer and a brief explanation of selected verses.

Usool Tafseer

A basic introduction to some of the principles of tafseer.


Introductory explanations of a few select verses.