Online Classes

Microsoft Teams Learning Platform

Classes are taught live. Al-Qalam Institute does not provide recorded classes. Students should ensure they attend classes daily and any classes missed due to absences can be reviewed with classmates.

All classes take place live on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Students will be added to two teams (groups):

  1. The class teams e.g. Year 1 Brothers AM

Students should join this meeting for regular classes.

  1. AQI Naseehah and general announcements.

Students should join this meeting for the naseehah session.

Once the class/nassehah has commenced, a button labelled "Join" will appear at at the top of the screen.


Attendance in class is interactive. Students will participate in discussion, exercises, and have the opportunity to ask questions, both onsite or online. Regular attendance is essential. Therefore, we do not provide recorded classes and we encourage you to participate in class.

Submitting Work

Students may be required to submit class/coursework by scanning and emailing assignments.


Students will need to download Telegram Instant messaging app.

They will be added to the general student broadcast channel and the relevant class channel.

The admin and teachers will use this to post announcements and information regarding class.