Testimonials From Our Classes

Testimonials From Our Classes

Alhamdulillah I’ve started understanding a lot more when reading Arabic texts especially when looking through the Hashiyah of certain books. Before I could read and barely follow what the author was saying in the Hashiyah, but now Alhamdulillah I’m grasping what point they’re trying to make especially in Jalalain. Balaghah and basic Nahw has helped a lot. I can see the fruits of knowledge kicking in now after planting the seeds last Autumn. I’m truly grateful for the efforts you’ve made with us and remaining patient in our difficulties.

Insha'allah someday i’ll be able to read السيرة النبوية without breaking a sweat!!

(Mawlana Amir Nathalia)

Leicester, UK

I have benefited immensely studying Arabic at Al-Qalam Institute. It has a friendly and open environment. 

Even though I have completed numerous Arabic courses, I've never really had an intense level of study to keep me focused and keep my mind busy with Arabic. I have achieved a higher level of understanding in my first year than all my other Arabic courses combined.

The structure of the course is ideal and the support is excellent. Al-Qalam Institute is a place where everyone is energetic and engaging. 

The teachers work very hard to provide solutions by using various mediums: PowerPoint slides, one-2-one sessions, handouts, supplementary videos etc.

In terms of flexibility and consistency, it has been excellent for me. 

They are also professional, friendly and understanding. 

I believe Al-Qalam is one of the best places to learn Arabic in Leicester especially for a working person who also has family commitments.

Shezad Sattar


I studied at Al Qalam Institute, for approximately 4 years. I studied Hidayatun Nahwa, Mishkat, Seerah ibn Hisham, Qasas an Nabiyyeen, Durus al Balagah, Jalalayn, ilm as Seegah, ibn Katheer, Suwar min Hayatis Sahabah/Tabi’een and Nafhatul Arab. 


The stand out factor was a distinctive style and ability to teach the same classical subject matter in a contemporary and easy manner. The teacher was able to explain the intricacies of the classical books in a simple and modern method, many a time with brilliant examples that one could remember going forward. .


Also, the approach is well adapted to suit the needs of students today, but without compromising on any detail or intricacies of the classical works. The teacher makes easy what is hard therein and makes applicable what seems obsolete therein. He was always open minded and allowed questions and discussion in class, which promoted an intellectually stimulating discussion on subject matter that was unclear.


In a nutshell, the teaching method is contemporary yet traditional, forward thinking yet grounded in orthodoxy.

I would highly recommend any student of knowledge to study with Mawlana Hashim.

(Mawlana) Faizal Dhada


I have benefited from studying with Maulana since I first came to England two years ago, as a complement to part-time darse nizami studies elsewhere. I cannot find words to describe the benefit Maulana has given us by letting us study with him and his invaluable advice and lovable personality and company during this time and he will forever reserve a place in the deepest part of my heart.

(Mawlana) Hashim Khan


I have studied Nahw (Arabic grammar), Balaghah (rhetoric) and various other subjects under Mawlana. The teaching is superb, very detailed yet easy to understand. Furthermore, the teacher is always ready to answer questions. Maulana has a real enthusiasm for what he does and this, allied to his vast knowledge, meant that I have found his lessons a highly beneficial experience. Once again, for those interested in Arabic or the Islamic sciences I sincerely recommend these classes.

(Mawlana) Ahmad Bhayyat

Leicester, UK

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