Testimonials From Our Courses

Most topics covered were new to me, so alhamdulillah I benefited immensely.

Abdul-Hayy Salloo

Walsall, UK

‘[I liked] the way it was explained with examples from the Qur’an. [I also liked] the way it was structured and broken down. Overall, it was a good experience and I learned a lot.

Muhammad Rashad

Birmingham, UK

Really benefited from this course, gave me a better understanding than previously… It feels better to get a better feel of the actual Arabic language.’ 

Umar Abdul Latif

Leicester, UK

[I liked] the simplicity in explaining the complex stuff which helps us retain to memory.

Asim Khan

Leicester, UK

[I liked] the way you explain things and make them less complicated. 

Year 6 Student

Darul Uloom Leicester, UK

The style of teaching was different, which i enjoyed. Teachers explained in an easy manner as they seem to know the areas students have a problem understanding.

I feel many students can benefit from this course, and I wish I attended this course earlier during my studies.

(Mawlana) Yunus Patel

Coventry, UK

I am a beginner in Balagah, but the context was made simple and easy for us to understand.


Darul Uloom Leicester, UK

The course was very informative and beneficial. The course notes were very informative and the speakers explained everything well. 

Having not studied Balagah before, it was extremely interesting and informative.

A Patel

Leicester, UK

I liked the use of the interactive board for explanations. 

On a whole the course was very informative and well structure. We gained a greater insight into the beauty of the Quran. 

I would definitely recommend this course to other students of knowledge due to the interactive approach and thorough approach to explanation.

Muhammad Ziyad

Leicester, UK

Covered some topics which seemed complicated but were explained very simply. [I also] gained new knowledge.

Year 2 Student

Darul Uloom Leicester, UK

The fact that it was interactive made it engaging for everyone -and also the cheeky jokes. 

Year 2 Student

Darul Uloom Leicester, UK

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