Established in 2011, Al-Qalam Institute caters for both men and women, online and onsite, providing easy access to classical Islamic education.

What makes us unique?

  • Our focus is to provide strong foundations in Arabic as an essential base for Alimiyyah studies.

  • With our own publications we aim to revolutionise the acquisition of sacred knowledge, whilst preserving sacred legacies found in madrasas all over the world.

  • Rooted in our revered heritage, we provide scholarly guidance and rigorous study.

  • We aim to equip students with the tools to access the Quran, Hadith and Arabic material, confidently and independently.

We continuously strive in seeking the pleasure of our Lord, Most High, inculcating the Sunnah of His Beloved Messenger ﷺ , attaining excellence and providing enthusiasm for seeking knowledge and serving mankind.