The international fees rates are based upon the internation transfer rates on 1st September 2022. 

Application Fee

Applicants that satisfy the initial requirements and wish to proceed with their application must pay a £15 application fee after which they will be invited for an interview, in person or online. 

Tuition Fees


The fees for the full-time course are £1000 a year. 


The fees for the part-time courses are £700 a year. 

Payment Structure

Option 1: Lump Sum

The total amount can be paid as one lump sum. If a student leaves during the course, a refund will be issued for classes not attended.

Option 2: Instalments

The total amount can be paid over 10 instalments. 

Students will make their first payment before the 25th August. Once the first instalment has been paid, they will be added to our learning platform, Microsoft Teams.

1st Instalment: Before 25th August

2nd Instalment: 1st Oct

3rd Instalment: 1st Nov

4th Instalment: 1st Dec

5th Instalment: 1st Jan

6th Instalment: 1st Feb

7th Instalment: 1st Mar

8th Instalment: 1st Apr

9th Instalment: 1st May

10th Instalment: 1st Jun


We are unable to offer scholarships and require fees in full. 

If anyone is unable to pay the fees, they can still benefit from our resources, all of which are available for free.

Bank Details

Reference Details

Please use the following format for the bank reference: 

Student Number, Last Name (16-023 Ahmad).

UK Bank Details


Account Number: 3302 8007

Sort Code: 60-83-71

Australia Bank Details

Admission Fee: 20 AUD

Full-Times: 1,800 AUD (10 instalments of 180 AUD)

Part-Times: 1,250 AUD (10 instalments of 82 AUD)

Account Holder: Al-Qalam Institute

BSB code: 802-985

Account number: 112685660

Canada Bank Details

Admission Fee: 15 CAD

Full-Times: 1,600 CAD (10 instalments of 160 CAD)

Part-Times: 1,150 CAD (10 instalments of 115 CAD)

Account Holder: Al-Qalam Institute

Institution number: 621

Account number: 200110170756

Transit number: 16001

Euro Bank Details

Admission Fee: 15 Euros

Full-Times: 1,200 Euros (10 instalments of 120 Euros)

Part-Times: 820 Euros (10 instalments of 82 Euros)

Account holder: Al-Qalam Institute


IBAN: BE06 9672 4462 0222

New Zealand Bank Details

Full-Times: 2,000 NZD (10 instalments of 200 NZD)

Part-Times: 1400 NZD (10 instalments of 140 NZD)

Account holder: Al-Qalam Institute

Account number: 04-2021-0098325-44

USA Bank Details

Admission Fee: 15 USD

Full-Times: 1,250 USD (10 instalments of 125 USD)

Part-Times: 900 USD (10 instalments of 90)

Account holder: Al-Qalam Institute

Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600001840976276

Account Type: Checking

International Bank Details

Al-Qalam Leicester Limited

IBAN: GB23SRLG60837133028007


International students may use Wise or any other app to make their payments. 

Card Payments

An option to pay via card is also available. However, a 2% charge will be added. Please contact us to request a payment link to pay by card.


Unfortunately, we do not accept fee payments via paypal.