Guidelines and Code of Conduct 

General Guidelines


Students must attend all classes on time.

The doors for the madrasah will close once the class has commenced.

 In the event a student is unable to attend, they must inform the madrasah in advance.

Any student with less than 90% attendance will not be allowed to progress to the next year, nor will they be allowed to join the following year unless they have taken prior permission from the Institute.


Students are encouraged to speak to their year head as soon as possible if they are experiencing any difficulties which may affect their academic progress. We will do what we can to support you.

Exam and Promotion

Students must achieve the pass mark and achieve minimum attendance to ensure promotion to the next year.

The institute will exercise its discretion for students who score below the pass mark or are absent for any of the examinations based on various criteria, including attendance in class and performance during the year.

Click here for details regarding exams and pass marks.


Students do not need a mobile phone for any madrasah activities.

Guidelines for Students Attending Onsite


Classes take place at 6 Sylvan Avenue, Leicester, LE5 3SN.


Students attending the morning sessions should not park on Sylvan Avenue as this obstructs the entrances of neighbouring factories that receive frequent deliveries. Parking here may result in your vehicle being blocked by delivery trucks, so please avoid doing so.

Classroom Rules

The brothers' classrooms are located on the ground floor, and the sisters' classrooms are located on the first floor. 

No food (including chewing gum) or drink is allowed in class during lessons. Water bottles and snacks for those fasting are permitted.

Any student guilty of severe misconduct will be immediately removed from the madrasah without any formal warning. This includes smoking, disrespect to any member of staff, damage to madrasah property etc.

Lost Property

Students should contact the Institute immediately if any belongings have been misplaced at the madrasah. 

After two weeks, the institute will dispose of any unclaimed belongings left at the madrasah.

Dress Code

All students must wear formal, respectful, and modest clothing.


Lessons are recorded and reviewed for training and quality purposes.

Guidelines for Students Attending Online

Microsoft Teams Learning Platform

All classes take place live on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Students should ensure they attend classes daily and any classes missed due to absences can be reviewed with classmates.

Students will be added to two teams (groups):

Students should join this meeting for regular classes.

Students should join this meeting for the naseehah session.

Once the class/nassehah has commenced, a button labelled "Join" will appear at at the top of the screen.


Attendance in class is interactive. Students will participate in discussions, exercises, and have the opportunity to ask questions, both onsite or online. Regular attendance is essential. 

Therefore, we do not provide recorded classes.

Submitting Work

Students may be required to submit class/coursework by scanning and emailing assignments.


All communication will take place via the Teams platform.

Recommended Stationery

Pens (Black, Blue, Green, Red)






Folder (for printouts)

Stable internet access


Scanner or App to scan documents