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We are not able to answer questions on our video content.

Even though we would like to assist every person in their quest for knowledge, it is not feasible to answer these queries for various reasons.

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We are not able to provide one-to-one tuition.

If you wish to benefit from the teachers at Al-Qalam institute, you may join any of our courses.  


We are not able to offer advice to other institutes regarding their syllabus.

Even though it would be an honour to assist in such an auspicious project, it is not possible for us to assist. However, details of the Al-Qalam syllabus are available here


All of our recordings are available for free and are posted on our Youtube Channel. If a video is not on our channel, it has not been recorded.

All available PowerPoints and PDFs are available on the Resources page. If it is not listed here or in the student hub, we are not able to provide it. 


If you have benefitted from our resources, please make dua for us, our parents and teachers that Allah grants us sincerity, acceptance, ability to do more work for his deen and all goodness of this world and the hereafter. 

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