We offer two courses: an Alimiyyah and an Arabic Intensive, both of which can be studied part-time or full-time.

Please find details for each below.

Our classes are open to both male and female students, both onsite and online.

Alimiyyah & Arabic Intensive Explained

Studying classical Islamic sciences with rigour requires strong foundations in Arabic.

This led to the design of our Alimiyyah programme having Arabic at its core; the Arabic Intensive course.

Along with establishing these essential principles in Arabic, our course encompasses the standard Dars Nizami structure.

Students have the option to study our Arabic Intensive as a stand-alone two-year course or to opt for the full six-year Alimiyyah course.

Arabic Intensive Course and Alimiyyah Course

Syllabus Overview

Full-Time Syllabus

Part-Time Syllabus

Much of our curriculum in the first three years are exclusive Al-Qalam publications - please find explanations and examples of these texts on our Resources page.

Class Timings

All classes run Monday to Friday.

We offer two timing options to cater for different audiences.

All times listed below are UK times.

For details of international time zones, please click here.


Brothers and Sisters

9:10 am - 12:30 pm

  • Six lessons (30 minutes each)

  • Naseehah (10 minutes)

  • Break (10 minutes)

Part-Time Options

To accommodate those unable to attend the main course, we also offer the course part-time.

Even though all the subjects are taught, due to the shorter hours, less material is covered.

The options for the part-time are as follows:


5:00 pm - 7:20 pm

6:00 pm - 8:20 pm

  • Four Lessons (30 minutes each)

  • Naseehah (10 minutes)

  • Salah (10 minutes)


5:00 pm - 7:20 pm

  • Four Lessons (30 minutes each)

  • Naseehah (10 minutes)

  • Salah (10 minutes)


Class times may shift 10-15 minutes throughout the year to accommodate Asr and Maghrib salah.

Term Dates

The academic year runs from the last week of August until mid-July. This is divided into four terms.

Holidays are winter, Easter, and summer. There are no classes in Ramadhan.

The new academic year begins on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

Click here for full details of term dates.


Examinations and coursework provide valuable opportunities to solidify understanding and are therefore a requirement for each student.

At the end of each term, there is a revision period followed by examinations.

Attendance & Additional Study

Regular attendance is essential. Classes run productively and punctually. Frequent absences will be detrimental to students progress, as we explain in our FAQ below.

For the full-time course, some study outside of scheduled class time, for reviewing and preparing lessons, is expected.


Online Classes

Onsite classes are conducted in conjunction with our online students, providing all students an opportunity to ask questions and directly benefit from our teachers.

Learning Setup

A PC/laptop or tablet with a reasonably sized screen and stable internet connection are essential for online learning.

Students will need access to a microphone to participate in class and access to a printer for classwork and exams.

We highly recommend students study in a quiet area without background noise or disruptions.


Our students partake in-class exercises, ask and answer questions which makes attendance interactive, both onsite or online. Attendance is essential in making progress and truly benefitting from the course and teachers. Therefore, Al-Qalam Institute does not provide recorded classes and we encourage you to participate fully in class.

Students should ensure they attend classes daily and any classes missed due to absences can be reviewed with classmates.



The fees for the full-time course are £1000 a year.


The fees for the part-time courses are £700 a year.

Payment Structure

Fees are payable over 10 instalments, with the first due before the start of the course.

We are unable to offer scholarships at present and require fees in full. If anyone is unable to pay the fees, they can still benefit from our resources, all of which are available for free.



  • Fluency in the English language

  • Ability to read Quran and Arabic with reasonable accuracy

  • Ability to write the Arabic letters

  • Studied basic Islamic knowledge (how to perform wudhu, salah etc.)

  • Over the age of 14

Requirements for Online Studies

  • Computer/Laptop

  • Printer

  • Stable internet connection

  • Microphone

Application Dates

Applications can be submitted from 1st January 2022.

The deadline for application is 27th August 2022. If places are taken up, applications will be closed earlier.

Application Process

  1. Fill and submit the Al-Qalam application form.

  2. Applicants that satisfy the initial requirements and wish to proceed with their application must pay a £10 application fee after which they will be invited for an interview, in person or online.

  3. Successful applicants will be given a place on our course.

Due to limited resources and our focus on quality, we are only able to offer spaces to a restricted number of students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Probation Period

Admission is for a two-month probation period (Term 1) culminating in an examination.

During this time, performance and, more importantly, attendance will be monitored and reviewed. Students with satisfactory performance and attendance will secure a place on the course.


Will I learn to speak Arabic?

Managing Expectations