Al-Kubra fi an-Nahw (Resources)


This book is best studied after completing As-Wusta fi an-Nahw.


An electronic copy of the DRAFT versions of some parts of the text can be viewed at the links below.

Unit 0

Unit 1

Unit 4.4


The PowerPoints used in the videos are available from the link below.

Course Content

Unit 0: Introduction

Unit 1: العامل

al-Baab 1: الفعل

al-Baab 2: الحرف

al-Fasl 1: الحرف العامل

al-Fasl 2: الحرف غير العامل

al-Baab 3: الاسم

Unit 2: المعمول

al-Baab 1: الاسم

al-Baab 2: الفعل

al-Baab 3: الجملة

al-Baab 4: شبه الجملة

Unit 3: الإعراب

Unit 4: الخاتمة

Past Papers

Unit 0-1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Al-Kubra fi an-Nahw Unit 4 (2023 Full-Time)