Unit 1



Part 1: Nouns

Characteristic 1: Definite and Indefinite

Characteristic 2: Gender

Characteristic 3: Number

Singular and Dual

Regular Plural

Irregular Plural

Characteristic 4: Irab

Irab states of المفرد and الجمع المكسر words

Irab states of المثني words

Irab states of جمع المذكر السالم and جمع المؤنث السالم

Irab states of غير منصرف words

Summary of Nouns

Part 2: Verbs

Characteristic 1: Tense

Characteristic 2: Irab

Characteristic 3: Affirmative and Negative

Characteristic 4: Gender

Characteristic 5: Voice

Part 3: Particles

Characteristic 1: Irab

Characteristic 2: Governance