As-Sugra fi an-Nahw

As-Sugra fi an-Nahw


To be able to:

Teaching Methodology

Students will attempt to solve and analyse the text under the teacher's supervision.

After that, the teacher will provide any necessary explanation and clarification.

Daily, the teacher will listen to the previous lesson, checking for correct reading and translation of the text.


Students are encouraged to try attempting reading the text using the PDF version without tashkeel.

From المقصد الثالث, the teacher will use the PDF version without tashkeel on screen in class.

It is likely the book will be completed before the end of the term. In this case the teacher will commence الوسطی في النحو.


After the book has been taught, students must submit a summary. This will make up 5 points (of the total 25 allocated to this book)

Sample Course Work

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4


Resources for this book are available here