Exams & Coursework

Exam Timetable 2023-2024

Term 4



Mark Scheme and Pass Mark

Mark Scheme

Each exam is worth 25 points. 

The full-time course comprises six lessons daily, totalling 150 points for each term, 600 for the entire year. 

The part-time course comprises five lessons daily, totalling 125 points for each term, 500 for the entire year.

The institute will exercise its discretion for students who score below the pass mark or are absent for any of the examinations based on various criteria, including attendance in class and performance during the year.

Year 1 - 3

There are exams at the end of each of the four terms.  

The pass mark for Years 1 - 3 is 80% (Full-Time: 480 Points / Part Time: 400 Points)

Year 4-5

There are exams at the end of terms two and four.

The pass mark for Years 4 - 6 is 70% (Full-Time: 420 Points / Part Time: 350 Points)

Final Year

There are exams at the end of terms one and two.

The pass mark for the final year is 60%.


Along with examinations, coursework is also given for some subjects. The total mark will be based on the coursework and exam results.

Exam Format

Examination questions are based on the material covered during the term. The style and format of the questions may vary from questions in the textbook and previous past papers.

Past Papers

Past papers for each book and subject can be viewed on the Syllabus Details page. 

Exam Tips

Reading the Question

It is recommended to read all parts of a single question before attempting to answer. This will give a better idea of what needs to be explained in each part. Often, students write in one part what is being asked in an upcoming part.

ٓWriting Answers in Arabic

Students are encouraged to write their answers in Arabic. Additional marks may be awarded for this.

However, If an explanation is required, exact or similar wording to the textbook will not be accepted.Students should write these answers in English.

Exam Rules

General Rules

Use only a black or blue pen. Do not use a pencil or any other colour pen.

Write your name and student number in the space provided.

Read the questions carefully. Only answer what you are asked. 

Write the answer to each question in the space provided below the question.

Put a single line through any errors. 

Rules for Onsite Examinations


All students residing within Leicester must attend in person for examinations, even if they have been attending classes online. 

Online submissions for those residing within Leicester will not be accepted. 

Students must arrive before the start time of examinations. If a student arrives after the start of the examinations, their paper will be categorised as a non-invigilated exam.

Students are not allowed to leave the exam hall after the exam has started. If a student needs to leave the hall for any reason, their exam will be downgraded to a  non-invigilated exam.

Exam Times


9:10 - 11:40 AM (UK Time) 


5:10 - 7:40 PM (UK Time)

6:10 - 8:40 PM (UK Time)

Rules for Online Examinations

Receiving the Exam Papers

Online students will receive the exam paper via the online learning platform. 

Completing Papers

Students can complete the exam by either printing it or completing the exam paper on their device, and after completing the exam, they should scan all the papers and save them as a PDF. 

The PDF should be sent to exam@alqalaminstitute.org with the subject line as the candidate number and subject. e.g 16-001 FSTU Nahw.


Exam papers which are not scanned correctly will be rejected and will not be marked.

Click here for help on how to scan documents.

Submission Deadline


12:00 PM (UK Time) 


Sisters and Brother First Sessions: 7:15 PM  (UK Time) 

Brothers Second Session: 8:15 PM  (UK Time)

Exams submitted after the submission deadline will be penalised with a 10% deduction in marks. 

The institute will not accept any paper submitted more than 2 hours after the submission time.


If a student is unable to sit the exam because of extreme circumstances, they should contact the admin in advance and discuss their situation.

The institute can not accommodate late sittings.


The institute may conduct an oral exam of any written paper to ensure the student can verbally answer the questions as they have written in the exam.  

Return of Marked Papers

Inshallah, exam papers and results will be returned approximately 21 madrasah days after the last exam.


Online papers which were not scanned correctly may not be returned.